Skating Treadmill



Skating Treadmill

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The skating treadmill is a way to work on your stride, conditioning, and ability to skate with the puck without needing a sheet of ice. 

Types of Sessions


We offer private sessions on our treadmill that are suitable for one or two people. Our sessions are with a No Limits Training instructor who will provide instant corrective feedback throughout the entire session. If two individuals are participating in the session, the minutes will be split between the two of you.

Levels of Sessions 


We have three different levels of sessions. 

  • Beginner Sessions:

    • For athletes brand new to skating or have only been on the 'ice' for a short period of time. These training sessions are ideal for our younger athletes

  • Intermediate Sessions: 

    • For athletes who have been skating for a few years and looking to improve their stride mechanics, conditioning or skating with the puck at a constant speed

Types of Sessions & Durations

We have several different types of sessions: 

  • Learn to Skate: just that... learning to skate! Here we work on posture, gliding and basic stride mechanics to get your young athlete off on the right foot. This is ideal for our younger athletes as they develop the fundamentals and technique

  • Stride Development: depending on what level is selected, we work on posture, stride length, recovery positioning, edge control, arm swing, foot angles and much more

  • Conditioning: get into game shape, ready for the season or come back from an injury


We have two session lengths:  

  • 30 Minute Sessions: approximately 22-25 minutes of skating time on the treadmill 

  • 60 Minute Sessions: approximately 45-50  minutes of skating time on the treadmill 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Skating time on the treadmill varies due to natural breaks, rest time and instruction. These times vary between athletes and from session to session

30 Minute Private Session         $75.00 + GST
60 Minute Buddy Session          $90.00 + GST
5 x 30min Private Session         $325.00 + GST
10 x 30min Private Session       $600.00 + GST  (BEST VALUE)
Purchase a Treadmill Package and your 1st session is FREE
When you purchase a 10 session package you will receive the 11th session FREE